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  • Does Aviair PureSense protect from COVID-19?
  • How does Warranty work?

    AVIAIR PureSense comes with 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects and/or induction base malfunction.

    A unique Serial Number will be printed on the back of each AVIAIR PureSense box. To register for your warranty, you will have to visit our Warranty Registration page and fill out the warranty registration form with the serial number and your particulars.

    In order to claim your warranty, you will have to contact us via Email and provide us with the serial number of your product.

  • What happens if I put the appliance back on the base after the solution is ready?

    This causes the solution to become condensed and concentrated. However, this is not harmful as the maximum chlorine level for the product, with one gram of salt, is 320 Parts Per Million and anything below 500 is safe.


  • What are the key advantages of Aviair PureSense compared to other common sanitizers?

    1. It is proven to eliminate 99% of common viruses and bacteria, so more powerful than conventional disinfectants including bleach.

    2. As it contains no additional chemicals, it is safer to you and the environment than conventional sanitizers.

    3. It is more convenient and cost effective: You can make your own sanitizer anytime without buying refills. Aviair PureSense also requires just 10 minutes to prepare the disinfectant and can be used as many times as needed.

  • Isn’t Aviair PureSense expensive compared to conventional cleaning products?

    Investing in Aviair PureSense is a one-time upfront investment that can save you money in the long run. Instead of buying a new product or refill when the bottle is empty, you can make your own refill any time, any where and as many times as you want.

    Also, the build quality and premium materials ensure your investment in AVIAIR PureSense will be a long and fruitful one. 

  • Is this a new technology?

    The electrolyzed oxidizing technology to convert salty water into hypochlorous acid has been available for forty years but until now, has been mainly reserved for industrial use due to the difficulty in producing stable Hypochlorous acid in a non-industrial environment. With AVIAIR PureSense, we've managed to bring this powerful disinfectant to households. 

  • Is it true that the product kills 99% of common bacteria and viruses?

    Yes, we have several independent test results from reputable testing laboratories confirming that the product kills 99% of common virus, germs and bacteria.

  • Does Aviair PureSense deodorize?

    Yes, one of the product’s benefit is eliminating bad odors, including pet or kitchen odors, as odors usually come from bacterial growth.


  • Where can I use Aviair PureSense?

    Aviair PureSense can be used on many surfaces around the house or place of work, including but not limited to:

    1. Kitchen surfaces

    2. Mobile phones

    3. Laptops

    4. Bathrooms

    5. Tableware

    6. Baby toys

    7. Mirrors

    8. Accessories

    9. Wood, plastic and metal 10. Door handles

    11. Tiles

    12. Mats

    13. sport equipment

    14. Lockers

  • Can I use Aviair PureSense on raw foods and vegetables?

    Yes, it is safe to spray on raw fruits and vegetables, but you need to rinse them off with water before eating or cooking.

  • What is pH and PPM levels of the product?

    Ph measures the levels of acidity or alkalinity a liquid and ranges from 0 to 14, with 0 being very acidic, 14 being very alkaline and 7 being neutral or Ph balanced. Aviair PureSense disinfectant has a Ph between 6.4 to 8 pH level.


    PPM (measuring chlorine content) of Aviair PureSense disinfectant is about 100, allowing it to possess strong disinfectant qualities while being safe for regular use.

  • What is the safe and optimum salt dosage?

    Aviair PureSense requires only one gram of salt (one spoonful of the spoon provided in the pack) to produce 400ml of disinfectant liquid. Our proprietary technology and high-tech electrolysis titanium module allows the production of effective disinfectant that is safe for daily use as a lower salt dosage than our competitors.

  • Can I use Aviair PureSense on clothes?

    As long as you use salt in the recommended dosage, AVIAIR PureSense Hypochlorous acid is safe for use on clothes. 


  • How long will the sanitizer liquid salt last after I produce it by my Aviair PureSense?

    If left in direct light, the solution could become ineffective after two days. Otherwise, the solution could last up to four days.