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Will it really keep my loved ones safe?

How it can better your life

Protect your loved ones

AVIAIR PureSense disinfectant is skin safe. It can be used on your loved ones to destroy harmful viruses and germs that cause illness.

Home use

AVIAIR PureSense disinfectant can be safely used on household furniture and objects to kill harmful pathogens

Protect your furry friends

We all want to protect our cherished furry friends. AVIAIR PureSense disinfectant can be safely used to disinfect our pets and keep them healthy


With the portable shape and lightweight design, AVIAIR PureSense can be conveniently brought outdoors to disinfect public surfaces.
No more wiping door handles down with wet wipes for the hygiene conscious among us!

How AVIAIR can value-add your life

How do I use it?

Sometimes, good things do come easily

Invest in your health now


TauFuLou's Review

Aviair PureSense Elecrolyzing Sanitizer

Aviair Travo Pur Live Demo

Negative Ion Cloud in action.